Invention Orphanage – Thermal Imager


So here’s couple of pics of the thermal imager.


The first version in a small form factor.  It’s the box below the Samsung J7 phone.


With the powere supply it has a notebook like case or it can be mounted in a monopod or selfie stick.

Most thermal imagers are designed as a single unit with the imager, display and power supply all integrated.

This design has no integrated display.  It acts as a data server that can be accessed by either a laptop or a mobile phone to see the images.

This gives the advantage of being able to see the images even if you’re in a separate room or the imaging unit is placed though a hole in the ceiling using a monopod.  The unit can also be made to do a time lapse where you can leave the unit focused on a wall and just leave it there then access the gathered images later.



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