Raid The Fridge @Kickstart

I attended another Raid the Fridge event last night. It’s a tech meet up organized by There’s a lot to learn from all the people in the community, and with lots of beer and good food, I’m looking forward to the next event already.

Here are the pics. I think I missed taking the pic of a presesntation or two. I think it was because I was busy finishing the chili and chugging my beer. :)


chris_philChristian Besler of and Phil Morle of

truepropertyWilliam Pattison of

gino_caparasGino Caparas of


Christian Blanquera of

Philippe Bautista of

Minette Navarrete, David Elefant and Me! :)

boardThe board where we’re trying to map the community

food1The food courtesy of At the time I took this pic, some people already ate the lettes ‘i’,’n’,’g’.

food2Beef Rendang – Yummy!

food3Chili – Just the right spiciness

fridgeAnd of course here we have “The Fridge”, which still seems to be full at the time I left.


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