DIY How to make a lightsaber hilt from a flashlight

Not all flashlights will make  agood lightsaber hilt, but I found one that had all the good qualities.  Here are a few things you should look for when doing your own builds.

My goal

What I wanted was a hilt that I could experiment with.  I wanted to be able to build some light and audio electronic modules and be able to have a hilt to test them with.  I really didn’t want to use the commercial hilts because they’re pretty much designed with their own electronic layouts.

1. It had to be sturdy.

I wanted to be able to do some duelling with it.  This flashlight was made out of a nice thick aluminum.  And the head was much thicker so it should be able to handle a bit of duelling.

2. It has to have space

For the electronics I wanted to build.  This flashlight used 3 D batteries and that’s pretty much big enough for the stuff I wanted to build.

3. It had to look good

Well sure, the main point of all this is testing stuff out for building a lightsaber.  I could have just used stell pipe for this but hey, it should at least look a bit cool when testing.

It was pretty good.  I temporarily fitted the hilt with one of my duelling blades and brought it to a meetup.  They never even noticed it was a flashlight until they started handling it.

2015-09-25 23.11.24_flashlight

2015-10-02 22.06.04_saberhilt

2015-10-02 23.52.46_lightsaber


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