Questions About The Creative Thinking Course

Whenever I give a talk about creative thinking I usually get the following questions:

Where did these techniques and methods come from?
Have you gotten rich from any of your ideas?
Will I get an idea on how to be rich?
Will these techniques work every time?


These are tips and techniques I’ve learned through the years primarily because when I was Head of Research and Development in a 3d animation company, I’ve had to try to find ways of answering the question “So what new ideas do you guys have now?” consistently. These are techniques I’ve used myself and these are techniques I’ve taught to others as well. These are the ones I’ve found to help people in tech related industries answer questions like the above more easily.

It doesn’t guarantee that you will be rich, or that it will help you find the next great idea that will shake the world. Everyone has different creative abilities, so the results will vary. What I can say for sure is that if you’ve never done these before and you’re doing them now, there is going to be a definite improvement in your creative thinking abilities.

Through the years what I can say is that these techniques have helped a number of people solve problems, come up with ideas and create new products. Some of these products have been successful while others have not.

Getting rich from an idea?  An idea by itself is not very useful.  How you implement it is the key.  And that’s totally out of the scope of these creative thinking tips and techniques.


Author’s Note: Some of these articles in Creative Thinking were written years ago in another blog.  I’m reposting them here as an intro for more posts in the creative thinking category.


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