Talking With The Spirit of Steve Jobs

All right! Last night’s Roofcamp at Calle Sirocco was great. I got to meet old friends, make new ones, and with free beer, what more do you need?

Roofcamp is a casual get together / meet up for people in the local tech scene. There are usually a couple of speakers who give short talks and it’s a good place for networking. I heard that they closed the Startup Weekend Manila registration when they hit the 200 mark, but a lot of people still wanted to join. It’s great to see a lot of people getting entrepreneurial.

The first talk was by Art Gillespie of Tapsquare LLC who sweared a lot :D. If the talk was televised, you would’ve heard a lot of censor beeps. His message was “Just Fucking Do It”.

I then did the intermission where I led the audience in a short exercise I called “Talking to the spirit of Steve Jobs.”

Then Derek Neighbors of Integrum Technologies & Gangplank gave the second talk. Cool, he gave his talk a bit of local flavor by using the local jeepney as part of his examples. His question to us was “Do you want to be an entrepreneur or do you want to be revolutionary?” I guess most everyone answered “revolutionary entrepreneur” :)

I like going to these events because I learn a lot of things I normally wouldn’t. Some people I know tell me they won’t go to certain events because they might feel out of place because they don’t know anyone. Well, you’re not going to learn anything if you don’t go right? Those places where you think you’ll feel out of place are actually the best places where you’ll get points of view that are different from your own. And getting to listen to those points of view actually help build up your creative skills.

See you guys at the next Roofcamp!

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